In Episode 04 of the Civic Hacker Podcast, “Hacking Food Insecurity”, we sit down with Tim Yoon to talk about his winning National Day of Civic Hacking project, and the journey that followed to develop the idea into a working tool on the Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services website. This conversation was part of the Civic Tech Group Showcase track of the Civic Hacker Summit. In it, Tim keeps it real, and provides some great insights about working with busy agencies, the importance of building trust as you engage in these types of collaborations, and resisting the urge to go overboard on the tech part of civic tech. To see the original demo version of the Sacramento Food Bank Program map that earned Tim and his teammates honors at his region’s National Day of Civic Hacking event, click to play the video above. 



See the final result of Tim’s team’s efforts here:

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Listen to the full episode here>>  Civic Hacker Podcast Episode 04: Hacking Food Insecurity

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