7 opportunities to learn, connect, and make an impact from home

While it’s true that we aren’t gathering for hack nights or huddling around conference room whiteboards right now, we have more opportunities than ever to collaborate across borders and barriers, and to use data and technology for good.

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Civic Hacking in Rural America

After being so present in Silicon Valley and the tech scene, Rachel was surprised to learn that most people still viewed “hacking” as a negative event done mainly by nefarious individuals in dark basements. She sought to change that, and found the perfect launching pad in her own semi-rural city of Redding, California.

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Stopping Human Traffickers with Memex

In his interview, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Program Manager Wade Shen goes into fascinating detail on what Memex is and how it is being used to find and bring down human traffickers faster and more efficiently than ever. Memex is a suite of software that is now available as open source tools, as well as smaller components which can be used to create new applications to support the effort toward ending human trafficking.

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Social Impact Bonds: What You Need to Know

In 2017, Zachary Levey, working with partners in government and the Inter-American Development Bank, launched the first Social Impact Bond (SIB) in a developing country market. Zach is a Senior Associate at the Multilateral Investment Fund, and knows the power of reshaping finance for the common good. After seeing SIBs succeed in places like the UK and US, he called upon his passion for innovation and collaboration to bring SIBs to Latin America.

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Data Analysis 101

Have you ever set out to organize your garage, only to take one look at the enormity of the task and back slowly into the house? That’s how data analysis can feel. Not to mention the fact that it’s one task to compile the data, and a whole new task to figure out how to use the information to grow your organization.

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Linked Open Data for an Open World

Imagine an internet which not only allows human readers to search and access data, but also allows computers to do the same. That is the vision of linked open data, and likewise the vision of data.world.

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Measuring the Entire U.S. Criminal Justice System

The United States is comprised of 3,000 individual counties, each with its own criminal justice system. Yet, there are no metrics or data tracking the performance of these systems within any county, leaving everyone — from citizens to attorneys themselves — blind to how their county’s system is actually working. There is no data-driven way to find gaps, set guidelines, or get to the root of known problems.

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Police Accountability in Five Minutes

Police brutality and lack of accountability has become a major issue in our country. For years, police officers have essentially been allowed to act however they see fit in any given situation with little to no fear of being called out for inappropriate behavior. Now, people are calling for change, and one man has figured out a way to contribute to that change in an accessible yet impactful way.

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Ease on Down the Road to Using Open Data

When it comes to working with open data, a lot of time is spent simply discovering, cleaning, combining, and formatting data before you can even begin to use it in your project. Enter an open knowledge-focused non-profit aiming to solve this issue with tooling and standards designed to streamline these tasks and help people get on with what really matters — solving social issues with the help of open data.

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The World In Your Hands: Changemaking Through Civic Hacking

Matt Scott knows what a changemaker looks like. After all, he spends his life telling their stories — the stories of the people who decided to stop watching and start doing. Through his work with SecondMuse and his own 180° of Impact project, Matt shows that anyone, anywhere can create change and hold the future in their hands.

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