Linked data realizes the vision of evolving the Web into a global data commons, allowing applications to operate on top of an unbounded set of data sources, via standardized access mechanisms. I expect that Linked Data will enable a significant evolutionary step in leading the web to its full potential.” — Tim Berners-Lee

Imagine an internet which not only allows human readers to search and access data, but also allows computers to do the same. That is the vision of linked open data and, likewise, the vision of

Noah Rippner, a data scientist with, describes their platform as the social network for data people. It democratizes data with the goal of not only making life easier and more fulfilling for “data heads” but also making data more accessible for average users. focuses on the social aspects of aggregating and analyzing data, as well as linking data using Semantic Web technology. This means that open data platforms are accelerated and enhanced by the many minds who are able to collaborate and converse about the dataset, leading to faster problem-solving, better decision-making, and more. Semantic Web technology then improves data discovery by making it easier to find, read, and use data by both human users and machines.

The implications of this data resource are staggering. Today, there are at least 18M open datasets — compare that to the 2.4M websites which existed when Google first launched in 1998. Linked open data is seeing exponential growth, especially now that users are better able to see more reward for adding their own data to the network.

As a Certified B Corporation, is mandated to create value for society instead of simply making money for shareholders. They accomplish this first by making data extraction more available, which enables anyone — from data scientists to curious bystanders — to quickly and easily access the data they’re searching for. The team has spent time working with crime data, election data, and campaign data to find non-obvious trends and reveal things otherwise hidden in types of data that are known for being messy and difficult to comb through. As grows, so will their ability to add value to society in previously unseen ways.

In his 2017 Civic Hacker Summit interview, Noah goes into great detail about the ideas behind, as well as their goals for furthering the interlinking of data. Join the Civic Hacker Network today to gain access to Noah’s talk, as well as the full 2017 archive.

Why Data.World Will Change Your Life

Built around linked open data, allows users to collaborate on open datasets and link them together with Semantic Web technology. Linked open data will not only change the way that both humans and machines are able to access and read data, but will create new possibilities for innovation and insights based on collaborative thinking. Hear all about’s place in civic hacking when you gain access to the full Civic Hacker Summit archive.

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