When it comes to working with open data, a lot of time is spent simply discovering, cleaning, combining, and formatting data before you can even begin to use it in your project. Enter an open knowledge-focused non-profit aiming to solve this issue with tooling and standards designed to streamline these tasks and help people get on with what really matters — solving social issues with the help of open data.

Frictionless Data is a set of standards and open source tools created by a team at the Open Knowledge Foundation. The project aims to remove the common friction points experienced by analysts, engineers, and data scientists while working with open data. The Frictionless Data toolkit reduces the workload associated with fetching, cleaning, and utilizing open data by making it easier to conduct validation and standardization operations.

The Open Knowledge Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on creating a world where knowledge is open and free for everyone to use, build on, and share. Their work includes showing the value of open data to civil society organizations, providing those organizations with the tools they need to use open data, and urging government information systems to become responsive to society. Dan Fowler, Developer Advocate for Open Knowledge Foundation, contributed an in-depth interview about the Frictionless Data project to the 2017 Civic Hacker Summit.

In the interview, Dan explained how Frictionless Data can help organizations efficiently tackle many of the time-consuming processes typically required at the start of the data analysis process.  The tool-kit leverages simple formats like JSON and csv, and targets end-user tool integration. 

Watch Dan’s full Civic Hacker Summit talk to learn more about how Frictionless Data works, and how to get involved with this open source project to lower barriers of time and effort for data users across all sectors. Join the network today to gain access to the summit archive!

Getting from csv to Frictionless Data

 Dan Fowler, a Developer Advocate for Open Knowledge Foundation, details what Frictionless Data is and how it can be used to change your organization’s approach to accessing and using open data for answering questions that target important social issues.

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