Have you ever set out to organize your garage, only to take one look at the enormity of the task and back slowly into the house? That’s how data analysis can feel. Not to mention the fact that it’s one task to compile the data, and a whole new task to figure out how to use the information to grow your organization.

That’s where Pierre DeBois comes in. Pierre is the founder of Zimana Analytics Services, as well as a respected writing contributor, instructor, and presenter on the subject of data analytics. He runs an AllTop analytics blog, and his @zimanaanalytics Twitter account is rated as one of the top 100 Twitter accounts for data discussion. In short, Pierre knows data, and he knows what to do with it.

With Zimana, Pierre helps small to medium businesses and organizations understand their analytics data in order to help improve their marketing and overall strategy. Using data isn’t limited to businesses looking to make a profit; rather, Pierre believes it’s just as important for nonprofits to learn how to perfect their marketing as it is for e-commerce sites. 

Data analysis can be used in many ways, including:

  • Measuring how well you’re connecting with your intended audience
  • Tracking how your audience responds to your media
  • Showing the efficiency of your search engine optimization efforts
  • Revealing gaps as well as successes in both offline and online marketing
  • Measuring the events which occur based on your marketing, such as individual clicks, revisits, etc
  • Generating leads
  • Branding and building awareness
  • E-commerce

“A lot of times they assume that as long as they have a website online, that’s all the media they need, and that’s not the case anymore. People have a fragmented attention span online, and sometimes you do need to have a little bit of advertising going on to help get your message across.”

Getting a message out is the perfect example of how all types of organizations can use data analytics to their advantage. Whether you’re a fledgling e-commerce company looking for sales or a nonprofit looking to spread information for advocacy, knowing how your audience is responding to you is essential to learning how to efficiently get your message out! And the best way to get to know your audience and their reactions is to gather and interpret the data that is yours to have in the first place.

In Pierre’s presentation for the 2017 Civic Hacker summit, he details how to best gather, organize and analyze data in order to achieve marketing goals, web development objectives, and optimized business operations. His crash-course in data analytics will help you better hold the reins of both offline and online marketing planning to the benefit of your organization or cause.

Data Analysis 101

Pierre DeBois, founder of Zimana Analytics Services, joined us for the Civic Hacker Summit to provide a glimpse into his world with a crash-course in data analysis. He blogs, Tweets, teaches, writes, workshops, and presents data analysis — and is recognized for his expertise by peers and clients alike. His presentation is a must-see for anyone interested in data-driven growth for their organization and optimizing their marketing efforts. Watch the full video when you gain access to the Civic Hacker Summit archives!

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