For Episode 05 of the Civic Hacker Podcast, “AI for Good”, we are featuring a conversation with Friederike Schüür to talk about how we can use data and AI for good, AI capabilities and ethics considerations, and some simple concepts that can help you make a bigger impact in your civic and social good projects. At the time of this recording, Friederike was a data scientist with the applied machine learning research firm, Fast Forward Labs. In the video clip above, she walks us through some of the prototypes they built, and discusses what these apps reveal about the underlying data and algorithms.




You can try out these and other prototypes from Fast Forward Labs here:

Recommended AI learning resource from our affiliate partner:

You can take a look at the entire contents of the book for free online. The introduction is a must-read for anyone interested in how AI affects our lives and communities. This very accessible book uses illustrations, exercises, and jargon-free explanations to teach fundamental AI concepts.

Free eBook featuring contributions from Friederike: Development Workflows for Data Scientists>>

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Listen to the full episode here>> Civic Hacker Podcast Episode 05: AI for Good

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