What's Going On? Field Report on Socially Responsible Small Businesses

We give you the scoop on how small businesses are embracing social responsibility, and explore how you can do the same in your organization.
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What's Going On? on-demand webinar

Small businesses everywhere are stepping up to help tackle the challenges facing their communities and the planet.

Although we typically think of “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR) as something reserved for large and/or highly profitable corporations, businesses of all sizes – even solopreneurs – are also building positive impact into their operations.

But how are small businesses achieving social impact? Is their primary focus on volunteering or philanthropy? What could I do that would make any difference, and how would that align with my core business?

In this webinar we explore data and examples of how you can implement social responsibility into your business or initiative!

The co-presenters will share a snapshot of the existing landscape of CSR for small businesses on the Karmalize platform, examples from other small businesses, and tips on knowing your impact so you can:

  • Align your social impact with your target customer’s values and preferences
  • Integrate CSR into your organization
  • Sustain your impact and maximize results with limited resources
  • Use an innovative platform designed to support socially responsible businesses


Lori McNeill, Founder & Director, Civic Hacker Network

Lori McNeill is a mission-driven professional with extensive marketing technology experience and a passion for social good projects. My life’s work is using data to produce amazing outcomes, from informing key business decisions to measuring program impact. I founded the Civic Hacker Network and the Civic Hacker Summit, a community and virtual conference that celebrates people using data and technology for civic and social good.

Rich Yap, Co-founder & CEO, Karmalize

After a 30+ year career in the consulting, technology, and software industries, Rich Yap turned in his corporate job for a different mission: to help people spread good karma by supporting socially responsible businesses. Rich and his cofounder launched Karmalize, the world’s first and only online directory of socially responsible businesses, searchable by social cause, and completely crowdsourced. Karmalize is a Public Benefit Corporation social venture and their iOS and Android apps are free to download and use. Join them in spreading good karma with Karmalize!


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