Darío García de Viedma and the team at Citibeats using technology to help municipal decision-makers prevent and mitigate crises  by analyzing open source data with NLP algorithms. He led the design of the Social Indicators, thanks to an alliance with Princeton and NYU scholars. These are metrics, reported real-time, that measure deep feelings in society such as civic unrest, polarization, perception of inflation, empowerment, and distrust.

In this interview, Darío discusses ethical data collection and examples of how the use of NLP algorithms has demonstrated one powerful role technology can play in addressing societal challenges. 

This interview is also available in Spanish on our YouTube Channel.

Links to info and resources:

Link to Spanish Language Interview: “¡Escuchad! Construyendo una Plataforma de Comprensión Social Ética y Transparente” https://youtu.be/nfzpht-dZ6Q

 CitiBeats Website: https://citibeats.com/

CitiBeats Twitter: https://twitter.com/theCitibeats

Dario’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dario-garcia-de-viedma/ 
Original Civic Hacker Summit Session recording (access for ⁠⁠⁠paid members⁠⁠⁠): https://civichackersummit.com/schedule/dario-garcia-de-viedma-2022-summit/

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