Impact Blockers: 4 Mistakes Standing Between You and the Change You Want to See

Are you making an impact? Before you attempt to answer that question, make sure you've avoided these 4 common pitfalls.
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Impact Blockers on-demand webinar

If questions about the impact of your work make you feel like a deer stuck in headlights, you’re not alone.

 So many people working to create change in their community aren’t sure about whether or not they’re getting the outcomes they want, at the scale that’s needed.   In this FREE webinar, we’ll cover 4 mistakes that often lie at the root of shortcomings in a range of social impact initiatives, civic tech and tech-for-good products, non-profit programs, and even grassroots community projects.   We’ll also discuss some of the things you can do to repair or prevent the damage these 4 “impact blockers” cause:  

  • Why clarity is key to sustaining your initiative through to impact
  • How to choose and use metrics that measure up to your mission
  • Where to find critical resources and partners for your work (hint: they’re closer and more plentiful than you think)

If you’re ready to gain confidence in the impact and direction of your work, you will not want to miss out on this free webinar!

ABOUT THE SPEAKER Lori McNeill is a mission-driven professional with extensive marketing technology experience and a passion for social good projects. Her life’s work is using data to produce amazing outcomes, from informing key business decisions to measuring program impact. She is the founding director of the Civic Hacker Network and the Civic Hacker Summit, a community and virtual conference that celebrates people using data and technology for civic and social good.   By requesting access to this webinar recording you consent to receiving relevant communications from The Civic Hacker Network. No spam, ever.

Author: Staff