After about 10 years of providing consulting services to various organizations, including UN agencies, international NGOs and grassroots feminist groups across the globe, Dr. Alexandra Pittman discovered a common problem; the way that many organizations approach data collection hinders their ability to use their data to generate insights that would help them create social change. 

Traditionally, organizations focus on gathering and analyzing quantitative information when tracking the effectiveness of their programs, but Alexandra cautions that qualitative data is just as important for telling the whole impact story. 

“We are really aiming to help support this very large body of knowledge that exists on social impact and lift up these lessons in a more efficient manner in the future so we can really move money to what matters.”

Alexandra found that companies were collecting massive amounts of text-based qualitative data, but lacked the proper tools and guidance to uncover the important impact tracking information within.

In response to this problem, she founded ImpactMapper, a platform that provides organizations with a simple and effective software tool for understanding both their quantitative and qualitative data. Her company also offers consulting services that enable organizations to identify and achieve their social impact goals in areas like human rights, gender equality and diversity, climate, SDG and social justice investments, grants and projects. 

 “Let’s start collecting the information that is going to be useful for us for decision making, for learning, for sharing information about impact.”

In Alexandra’s interview at the 2021 Civic Hacker Summit, she goes into detail on how ImpactMapper has worked with organizations to transform them into effective change communicators, and the ways in which ImpactMapper plans to design and implement additional tools to expand their impact in the future. 

Gain access to the full video recording of this highly informative conversation with Alexandra Pittman, PhD via the Civic Hacker Summit archive. Learn more about how you can join Alexandra and ImpactMapper on their journey to change the way that the world tracks impact.

Turning Your Stories Into Impact

After finding that many organizations struggle with collecting and reporting both quantitative and qualitative data, Alexandra Pittman founded ImpactMapper, a platform that enables a variety of organizations to identify and achieve their social impact goals through integrative software technology alongside expert consulting services for impact tracking and reporting. 

In her 2021 Civic Hacker Summit interview, Alexandra shares details about how ImpactMapper facilitates change measurement for a variety of organizations by helping them to understand and effectively use their data to support social causes in areas like gender equality, human rights and more. You can see the full demo and interview when you gain access to the Civic Hacker Summit archives.

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