Tech-for-good projects can be an exciting and impactful way to create positive change in the world. However, they can also be challenging, with complex technical requirements, limited resources, and ambitious goals. In our conversations with social entrepreneurs and project leaders, a recurring challenge they report is difficulty recruiting and retaining volunteers, managing their time and resources effectively, and securing sufficient funding for their initiatives. On our podcast, Jack Beck, the Founder and Executive Director of TurnOut, shared his prior experience working for queer and trans non-profits where he often encountered the challenge of needing volunteer help but not finding it at the time of need. He recounted how he would meet people wanting to get involved in queer and trans movements, and just wish they’d asked “a month ago”, when he was actively recruiting help.

To ensure the success of your tech-for-good project in the long run, securing the right support and assistance, at the right time, is crucial. In this article, we outline five ways you can get the help and support you need to propel your tech-for-good project forward.

1. Get a Student Worker through is an online platform that connects tech-for-good organizations with talented and motivated student workers. These students have the skills and knowledge necessary to help you with your tech-for-good project, and they are eager to gain real-world experience and make a difference. By hiring a student worker through, you can get the help you need at an affordable price, while also supporting the next generation of tech-for-good professionals.

The Civic Hacker Network owes a great deal of its success to its collaboration with student apprentices through ChooseApprentice. By engaging these students to assist with tasks such as video and audio editing, article writing, and podcast scripting, the Network has been able to achieve its goals and make a significant impact in the community of people using data and technology for social change.

2. Get Volunteer Help through Organizations like and

There are various organizations that connect volunteers with tech-for-good projects, such as DemocracyLab and We Make Change. They offer a range of volunteers with diverse skills, including web development, data analysis, and project management. These volunteers are enthusiastic about making a positive impact in the world and can offer valuable support to your tech-for-good project. The Civic Hacker Network recruits volunteers through WeMakeChange and members of our network, like Pie for Providers and EnCiv, have effectively recruited volunteers through DemocracyLab. For example, check out Pie for Providers’ project at and EnCiv’s project at

3. Get Specialized Help with Analytics or Data Science from Niche Groups like

Sometimes, you need help with a very specific aspect of your tech-for-good project. For example, you may need assistance with data analysis or data science. In these cases, niche groups like can be a valuable resource. David Corliss, the founder of, spoke at the Civic Hacker Summit and shared how the organization brings together change agents from diverse backgrounds to address global challenges through sustainable collaboration in different fields. They help connect organizations with data science professionals who have the specialized skills and expertise they need to use data effectively in their projects. is just one of many skill-based groups that offers volunteers and volunteering opportinitues specific to their members’ expertise.

4. Hire a Skilled Worker through

If you seek professional assistance for your tech-for-good project, is a social enterprise that may be worth considering. Their mission is to provide organizations with highly skilled and experienced professionals from countries facing crises. The majority of their team comes from Venezuela, a country currently experiencing a full-scale economic collapse. These skilled professionals possess the necessary technical skills and experience to help elevate your project to the next level. Engaging with, is one way to acquire the professional assistance you need while also making an impact.

5. Connect with for Strategic Leadership-Level Support

Finally, if you need help at the leadership level and support that is more strategic than task-based, you may want to reach out to The Civic Hacker Network is a platform that connects people who are committed to using data and technology to create positive change in their communities. They can provide strategic advice, guidance, and support to help you navigate the complex challenges of your tech-for-good project. Additionally, they offer a program called the Community Impact Accelerator, which is a 12-week intensive that provides weekly 90-minute group sessions, mini-workshops, inspiring guest speakers, networking opportunities, and support for building a data-driven Impact Story. Participants also receive customized learning resources, a guided digital journal, and eligibility for future funding opportunities. The Community Impact Accelerator welcomes all non-profits, social enterprises, grassroots initiatives, and community-based organizations to take advantage of this resource. You can apply on the Civic Hacker Network website.

Tech-for-good projects can be challenging, but with the right support and assistance, you can make a positive impact in the world.

By leveraging the resources and networks available through platforms like,,,,, and, you can get the help you need to move your tech-for-good project forward. Whether you need student workers, volunteers, specialized help, skilled workers, or strategic support, there is a resource out there that can help you achieve your goals. So don’t hesitate to reach out and get the help and support you need to make a difference in the world!

Kate Allison
Author: Kate Allison