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The Community Impact Accelerator (CIA) is a unique online program where you’ll be provided with the resources, guidance, and tools to move from being frustrated about your progress and overwhelmed by the work ahead, to confidently proclaiming your impact while taking the next steps toward fulfilling your mission.

Listen to Civic Hacker Network's founder, Lori McNeill discuss the importance of impact to the survival of your initiative and how the Community Impact Accelerator helps social impact leaders avoid "Impact Blockers" in this bonus episode of the Civic Hacker Podcast.



Do you lack clarity about the specific results you need to see from your work? Do you feel stuck, alone, or (even worse) defeated?


Resources for your work are hard-won. Can you really afford to waste them on duplicating efforts, repeating others’ mistakes, or stumbling through the basics?


But flying blind with your social impact work just doesn’t feel inspiring or ethical. Imagine how your impact would be increased if you could track, tweak and verify the effects of your work in the communities you serve?


Do your metrics fall short of your mission? Gathering “vanity metrics”, or doing just the bare minimum to comply with reporting requirements, can lead to having lots of data that says little about the real objectives you’re striving to accomplish.

Community of Support

Being in community with others who also hold a bold vision for how their corner of the world could be better is empowering, inspiring, and soul-sustaining.

Weekly check-ins with a small group of peers in your Community Impact Accelerator cohort will help you continue to move forward while staying accountable to yourself and your mission.

Clarity and Confidence

The Community Impact Accelerator helps you define your North Star and make a flexible, responsive plan to quickly move your initiative several steps forward.

You will gain confidence as you work through the process of discovering the wealth of resources and support available to further your work.

You’ll also learn how you can answer the question, “What’s our impact?, with stories and numbers showing that you and your stakeholders are on the right path.

Just-In-Time Learning

Our tailored, responsive approach to facilitating your progress through the accelerator program means that you won’t be overwhelmed by an onslought of materials and tutorials that you don’t have time to look at!

In the Community Impact Accelerator program, you’ll be provided with curated resources and tools on a “just-in-time” basis, based on your needs and goals.

This 12-week intensive is exactly what you need to regain forward momentum and laser focus on how you are creating positive change in the communities you serve.

Weekly 90 minute group sessions include:

    • Accountability check-ins
    • Mini-workshops to help you implement key tools for creating change
    • Inspiring guest speakers
    • Networking with potential partners and mentors
    • Support for building your data-driven Impact Story

Additional program benefits include:

  • Customized, curated resources for “just-in-time” learning
  • Guided digital journal to track your successes and lessons learned
  • Feature as a speaker at the Civic Hacker Summit
  • Lifetime membership in The Civic Hacker Network
  • Eligibility for future funding opportunities


For information about cost/fees or team rates, please contact Need-based and country-based scholarships are available.

Take Action, Gain Traction 

You’re looking for your next steps on a new path, not another lap around the same old track. The Community Impact Accelerator (CIA) is where you’ll be encouraged to keep moving toward your goals, no matter what. You will move forward with support from a facilitator and peers who can help you work through obstacles along the way.

The CIA was created to help you focus on the components critical to achieving your goal of ultimately creating change.

Over the course of this 12 week program, we will work on:

  • Clarifying desired outcomes and your theory of change
  • Leveraging existing resources and solutions in your community and your vertical
  • Using data and evidence to both drive and demonstrate your impact

The time is NOW to take a giant leap toward creating the world you want to see. Invest in the support, skills, strategies, and tools you need to make your vision for positive change a reality!

Apply to join the next Community Impact Accelerator cohort here.>>

The Community Impact Accelerator was created with you in mind.

This program brings leaders together who are:

  • Currently working on a project that aims to solve a public/social problem
  • Eager to learn with and from others about how to overcome obstacles to moving their project in the right direction, faster
  • At a point in their project where they need structured support, skills training, and/or technical assistance
  • Up to the challenge of focusing on their mission and impact

You DON’T have to be a nonprofit to participate! Social enterprises, grassroots intitatives, community based organizations, etc., are all welcome to apply.

Meet Your Facilitator, Lori McNeill

Meet Your Facilitator, Lori McNeill

CIA Program Facilitator and Director of the Civic Hacker Network

Lori is passionate about supporting changemakers who are using data and technology to make a positive impact in their communities. With her background and experiences as a scientist, non-profit executive, mentor, board member and grassroots volunteer, she brings a unique perspective to “civic hacking” and social good projects. 

Lori is highly recommended as a collaborator who brings people together to accomplish great things in a smart way. She’s excited to contribute her expertise and vision for greater inclusion among social impact initiative leadership to the Community Impact Accelerator program.

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